About the Ford Taunus

The Ford Taunus is a family car that was manufactured by Ford of Germany and sold throughout Europe. Up until 1970, the offerings of Ford of Germany were very different to the Ford of England Domestic market models.

However, from 1970 onward Ford of Germany and Ford of England were combined to form Ford of Europe. The "new for 1970" Taunus models were built on the same basic platform as the Ford Cortina mk3. Later on, the Taunus and Cortina range were essentially the same vehicle, differing almost only by the placement of the steering wheel.

The model line was originally named after the Taunus mountain range in Germany with the first Ford Taunus built in 1939. Production continued through several model versions until 1982, when the European model range was replaced by the Ford Sierra.

The Taunus name lived on for a further 10 years of production in other World Markets, like Argentina, with production eventually ceasing in 1994.