The Original Transit

The Taunus Transit was the predecessor of the more familiar Ford Transit we are used to seeing, and the first production Ford to wear the Transit badge.

Introduced in 1953, the Taunus Transit was originally designated as the FK commercial model and was built at Ford plant in Köln, Germany.


Taunus Transit-FK1000

Ford FK1000
Taunus Transit FK1000.
The FK commercial vehicle series, FK standing for Ford Köln, was available with different payloads. The number reflecting the payload capacity. The FK2000 had a 2000kg payload, the FK3000 a 3000kg payload, etc.

The FK1000 / FK1250 light delivery van (with 1000kg and 1250kg payloads, respectively) was originally powered by the 1.2L four cylinder engine from the contemporary Ford Taunus and was designed to be in direct competition with the already successful VW Type 2 Bus and the DKW Type F89L.

In 1955, the 1.2L engine was replaced with the improved 1.5L version, again taken from the Taunus range.


Taunus Transit

In 1961, the FK moniker was dropped by Ford of Germany in favour of the Taunus Transit name.

The Taunus Transit proved to be popular with the German National Emergency Services, being utilised as Fire Engines, Ambulances and Police vans.

Taunus Transit Fire Engine.
Taunus Transit
Fire Engine.
Taunus Transit Ambulance.
Taunus Transit
Taunus Transit Police Van.
Taunus Transit
Police Van.

Due to the popularity with the Emergency Services, good low milage examples of the Taunus Transit survive to this day. There are several known examples in the UK - all Left Hand Drive - and they are very popular with surfers and customisers living on the South coast looking for something different to the more common VW Type 2.

There are several examples of Taunus Transits on the excellent Retro-Rides forum. Notably Rian's (username "Grizz") and Dave's (username "Oldbus") examples.

The GrizzMobile Taunus Transit.
Rian (Grizz).
The Gulf Oil Taunus Transit.
Dave (Oldbus).