As a Club that likes to attend as many events as possible, we know that Club Members want to show their cars as well.

In order to select the right balance of vehicles, and allow us to tailor the Club stand to the theme of the show, we request FTC-GB Club members to pre-register their interest.

This year, not only are we attending lots of local and National events, 2021 marks a very special time for the Taunus; Fifty years of the TC1 and Thirty years of the FTC-GB Club. To mark this very special occasion, we will be participating in the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC.

PREFERENCE for attendance for any Show or Event, and in particular for the NEC will be given to those Club Members who actively participate on the FaceBook Group Page when selecting Taunus cars for Shows and Events.


Promotional Vehicle Register

We frequently get requests from the Media and Event organisers to supply lists of vehicles for Magazine Shoots, general Press Work and Photo Shoots, Club Shoots and Meetings, TV Props etc.

If you are interested in this type of thing, please pre-register your interest for our vehicle register.


Classic Motor Show @ the NEC

The Clubs will be at what is the largest Classic Car show in the world.

In being at the NEC, we can promote the Club and the cars at this major show. Of course we welcome our worldwide members to pre-register too, should they wish to take part.

A brief outline of the NEC Classic Car show is as follows:

  • There are NO costs to enter your Taunus to this event with the Club
  • However, please bare in mind other expenses you may incurr:
    • 3 Nights Hotel accommodation
    • Food and drink etc.

All NEC entrants will get free passes for any accompanying family members taking part too.

NOTE: The Show is Static, and set up day is a Thursday. The Show is open from Friday through to Sunday afternoon. Closing time is around 6pm. So it's a full 3 Day Event

If you have any concerns about the condition of your Taunus, don't! Your Taunus doesn't have to be in Showroom Condition to Enter.



Should you wish to be considered for attendance at the NEC, any other shows or want to be on the promotional vehicle register please complete the form below.