Supporting Charities

The FTC-GB is run and maintained for fans of the Ford Taunus. We offer FREE membership and generate operational income selling Regalia and Spare Parts to support the running of the Club.

As part of our social responsibility pledge, the FTC-GB Club is committed to supporting local and regional charities in the UK.

We donate 50% of annual profits to charity and this year the FTC-GB committee has selected the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to be the beneficiary of the FTC-GB donation.


About the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Harrie-Spares-400x220 The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent Air Ambulance charity, providing a life-saving rapid response emergency service to over 5 million people across Yorkshire.

The charity was set up in 2000 and with the addition of the second air ambulance in October 2007, the YAA now operate our own Dedicated Air Desk for rapid dispatch of their helicopters to an incident.

The swift medical interventions provided by the air ambulance crews have a major impact on a patient’s chance of survival and subsequent quality of life.

It is a common misconception that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance is government funded and falls under the NHS. This is untrue. The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is an independent charity which relies heavily on the generosity of the public & organisations to keep the service active.

To maintain this vital service, keeping both of the Air Ambulances maintained and in the air, they need to raise £12,000 every single day! This equates to requiring donations of £4.4m a year.

Although the FTC-GB is a small club we feel strongly about the value the Yorkshire Air Ambulance adds to Emergency Response within the Yorkshire area and are proud to offer out support to their charity fundraising.

In addition the Yorkshire Air Ambulance run their own Lottery syndication with 73p of every £1 ticket going directly to running the life-saving service and 25p goes into the prize fund. By joining the YAA Lottery not only could you win a prize but you know the money raised is going directly to support those in need.