How We Can Help

As an FTC-GB Club Member you can get expert guidance on the best Classic Car Insurance for your vehicle, along with offering insurance accepted Taunus Club Valuation certificates.

We also have contacts for Spare Parts and even European based Taunus specific car dealers where you can purchase whole vehicles.

If you know what you want, but can't find that elusive Taunus, we have contacts in the UK and Europe who can assist with your search.


Recommended Classic Car Insurers

Having a wide and diverse range of vehicles already owned by our Club members, we are very aware of the best insurance companies for insuring your Pride and Joy.

*New for 2022*

ClassicLine Insurance

After some background negotiation, the FTC-GB are now listed on the ClassicLine Insurance approved club list.

This means that members of the FTC-GB Club, who reside in the UK, are able to claim a 15% discount on insurance quotes from ClassicLine.

In addition, for every policy taken out, ClassicLine will also make a donation to our chosen charity of 2022, the Edale Mountain Rescue.


FTC-GB Vehicle Insurance Valuations

More Club Members are taking out insurance with a guaranteed value payout should the worst happen.

The FTC-GB Club, as the only Taunus specific owners club in the UK, is approved to issue Club Members with insurance accepted valuation certificates for UK based club members.


Spare Parts Suppliers

Harrie-Spares-400x220 The biggest and most frustrating part of owning a Classic and rare vehicle is trying to source good quality parts.

The FTC-GB is very fortunate to have good contacts with suppliers and retailers in both the UK and Europe.

Be aware that the majority of the suppliers we recommend are based in the Netherlands. However, they are the experts in sourcing parts for your Taunus and all speak very good English.


Parts Supplier: Classic Ford Parts (Netherlands)

Our Number 1 parts guy, Harrie Drenth - based in The Netherlands, is a very active member of the FTC-GB Club and within our FaceBook Group.

Harrie is the FTC-GB Club recommended "go-to" guy and can be contacted via:
0031 (0) 593540792
Harrie Drenth Facebook

Take Note: Harrie will discount everything based on the offer of free Pizza or Burger.

WARNING Discount offer may, or may not, be true. Ha ha.


Parts Supplier: MotorPakking (Netherlands)

Eelke Van Der Kooi - based in The Netherlands, runs the MotorPakking company, supplying parts for old Fords.
0031 (6) 44992064
MotorPakking Website

Taunus for Sale

Steffs-Autos-400x255 If this website has insipired you to want to become a Taunus owner, we have several contacts based in the Netherlands who will see you right.


Taunus Dealer: Steffs-Autos (Netherlands)

Steff, based in Veendam in northern Holland, holds a great range of Taunus models, most of which are not published on his sales website.

If you are serious about purchasing a Taunus, speak to Steff first. He has a large inventory of vehicles in all conditions.
Steffs-Autos Website

Taunus Dealer: MotorPakking (Netherlands)

Eelke Van Der Kooi - based in The Netherlands, also sells Taunus vehicles via his Oldcar website.
0031 (6) 44992064
Oldcar Website

Help With Sourcing Your Dream Taunus

Over the years, the FTC-GB Club has built up a network of Classic Ford vehicle suppliers who are more than willing to help you source Taunus vehicles.

If you have a specific model in mind, but can't find one, then get in contact with one of our vehicle suppliers, who will use their contacts to help you.


Taunus Supplier: Dordogne Classic Motors (France)

Dordogne Classic Motors is owned by Danny and Dave, two ex-pats living the dream in the Dordogne region of France. They buy and sell all manner of Classic vehicles which they source locally. They have contacts in Spain and Portugal to help with sourcing vehicles and they also have a great contact based in southern California for finding vehicles at the more exotic end of the market.

Both Danny and Dave have an in-depth knowledge of older Classic Fords and have found a few Taunus' which they advertised for sale through the Ford Taunus Club - GB Facebook page.

If you would like their assistance in sourcing a vehicle, simply give them the vehicle specifics and your budget and they will act as intermediary to get you the vehicle you want at a price you are happy to pay. They will arrange to view the vehicle on your behalf and supply you with an an honest evaluation of condition and work required.

With their wealth of experience, Danny and Dave can guide you through the importation process and will also arrange to deliver your vehicle to your door should you not fancy a road trip to collect it.
00 33 674 079 871 [Danny]
00 33 6 73 20 28 81 [Dave]
Dordogne Classic Motors Website [Coming Soon]

Taunus Supplier: Car Cave (Scotland)

Based in Dalkeith (Scotland) Car Cave, run by Alan, has an amazing selection of Classic Fords for sale and his wide range of contacts in South Africa can help him source that elusive Taunus.

South Africa is an ideal place to source vehicles, having weather that is kinder to older metal and through all vehicles being Right Hand Drive. A big bonus in some owners view.

If you can't find the vehicle you want, give Alan a call. He is very knowledgeable on the Ford brand and the Taunus marque.
01875 820527
Car Cave Website